Where Is Joe Biden?


So far, Joe Biden’s campaign has been an absolute mess. His team’s fear of spreading COVID-19 has led to awkward press conferences, empty campaign rallies, and uncomfortable video calls with masks on. Some Democrats are getting more anxious about how Biden is doing on the campaign trail, especially in swing states. 

Nothing the Democrats have done so far can be compared to what President Trump and other Republican candidates have been doing since the beginning of June. Between the rallies, tours, and meet and greets, President Trump has knocked on 1 million doors in 1 week and 14 million doors since June, many of which were in swing states. How many doors has Joe Biden’s campaign knocked on? Zero.

The Republican and Democratic parties are taking polar opposite approaches on how to campaign during a pandemic. Biden and his campaign team aren’t talking with voters at home and are trying to compensate with phone calls and virtual meet-ups. Half of the time, the videos either lag or Biden’s internet connection breaks off. They haven’t learned the technology in time to be able to use it properly. It’s been doing nothing but showing Biden’s age in the new era of technology. 

The most effective type of voter contact have been in-person conversations. Republicans knocking on doors could make a bigger difference in November than most Democrats realize. People want social contact, to go back to work, and to feel normal in a world of chaos again. Republicans are bringing back that atmosphere, while Democrats still challenge it. 

“From now to Election Day, voters may only see one campaign at their doors. If this were Barack Obama running, Democrats would want to be out there knocking doors. They don’t have the enthusiasm or a strong field operation, so it is a convenient excuse. We can do this safely for President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot,” said Elliott Echols, the RNC’s national field director. 

While both campaigns continue to funnel millions of dollars into their programs, President Trump has over 1,500 full-time staffers across 23 states. The RNC is looking at adding an additional 1,00 people by the end of September to get people out there and voting. 

Despite the discomfort displayed by the Biden Campaign, many Democrats are getting antsy and have begun door-knocking for campaigns and canvassing themselves. Biden has been hiding in his basement and refusing to make public appearances, while President Trump has been campaigning, holding rallies, and attending events regularly over the past few months.

Joe Biden doesn’t seem as passionate as he once was for the role of protecting and running our country. It shows in his little efforts to meet and hear from the people he needs votes from the most. For now, he remains MIA.