Joe Biden Jokes About Disney, Some Guy Named Brandon, & Donald Trump


President Joe Biden made a joke about “Let’s Go Brandon”, White House Correspondents’ Dinner’s most beloved movement, during Saturday’s speech.

Biden said, “The Republicans seem support one man: Some guy called Brandon.” The crowd laughed. He’s a great guy.

After repeating it during a Christmas call, the president is still accompanied by the “Let’s go Brandon” sign and chant.

Biden started his speech with a joke about Donald Trump.

Biden said that this was the first dinner attended by a president in six years. We had two years of COVID, followed by a horrible plague.

Biden stated, “Imagine your predecessor coming to the dinner this year.” It would have been a coup if that had happened. He also mocked Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Biden made a joke about DeSantis’s and Florida Republicans being very unlike Ronald Reagan, who once demanded that the Berlin Wall fall.

Biden joked about today’s Republicans, saying “Tear down Mickey Mouse’s house”. “They’ll soon storm Cinderella’s castle. You can be sure of that. “