What Happened To The Deathly CoronaVirus?


Ten days before the death of George Floyd, Americans were overwhelmed with social distancing, wearing masks, temperature checks, and obeying lockdown orders in the fight against COVID-19. My, how things have changed in a few short days. 

The precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19 have been conveniently overlooked as tens of thousands of people gathered in very tight quarters, inches from one another, for hours at a time. So why the sudden reversal? Because those protesters are philosophically aligned with the very leaders who have stressed the necessity of such measures in the first place. 

Remember when protesters opposed the lockdowns? They were desecrated by the media, elites, and liberal politicians for gathering in public. They were ridiculed and shamed. They were known as heartless and caring more about money and business than the health and wellbeing of their own fellow Americans. 

And, of course, it turns out that those same members and politicians of the left-winged media who denounced the anti-lockdown protests are now applauding the actions of protesters who are ignoring the very same rules. This is because they happen to be on the same political side though. When you work with the Democrats, even if your actions are contradicting the things they so wholeheartedly oppose, the media will applaud you for it.

Basically, if you are protesting against “systemic racism” you can ignore the coronavirus protocols simply because it is protesting for a cause righteous in the Democrat’s eyes. But if you are protesting against tyrannical orders set from mayors and governors, you better be wearing your mask. You’ll be labeled “uncaring” and “greedy” just because you want to get back to work. 

How dare you want to get a haircut? Or protest your rights to provide for yourself? Yet, if you want to protest a left-wing cause, go right ahead. Coronavirus protocols don’t exist for you. This is the definition of a double-standard and it’s happening right before our eyes.

The left is allowed to make the rules but they don’t have to follow them. This goes beyond the protests. During the initial lockdown, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot forbade all Chicagoans from getting a haircut. However, she defied her own rule and made sure her hair was always trim and tidy. Her explanation? “I’m the public face of this city. I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye.” Let that sink in. Her own rules don’t apply because she wants to look her best on television. She refuses to apply herself to her own rules and those that she “sympathizes” with.

This exact same phenomenon is happening on a daily basis. Those political figures trying to ban firearms are also protected by gun-toting security teams. Those who oppose education choice and charter schools also send their children to elite prep schools. And the most double standard of them all: those who endlessly lecture about how terrible fossil fuels are yet also fly around the world in their private jets.