Washington State Is Forcing Vaccines On Workers, School Teacher Tells The Unvaccinated To Die


The state of Washington has been split two ways. On one hand, Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal has called on Gov. Jay Inslee to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for all K-12 public school employees. On the other hand, thousands of protesters are rallying outside of the Washington State capitol building over forced vaccine mandates.

Gov. Jay Inslee announced a forced vaccine mandate at the Washington State capitol building for local healthcare systems. Protests erupted across the state with more than 100 PeaceHealth employees, family members, and local healthcare workers protesting the mandates that are set to take effect on August 31. Healthcare employees must be vaccinated unless they have a qualifying medical exemption. Unvaccinated employees must do regular testing, additional masking, and reassignment to non-patient care.

One CT technologist at PeaceHealth St John told reporters he is healthy and should not have to undergo hospital mandates since he does not pose a danger to patients. He said he is willing to take the “risk” and the “end result,” but that the vaccine should not be forced on anyone.

Registered nurse Crystal Real shared that she’s been a nurse for 13 years and has never taken a vaccine. She said that none of them want to lose their jobs and that is the reason they are out there fighting.

While healthcare workers have their own battles to face in their jobs, parents are also been protesting what they care about. Parents have been fighting school mask mandates, adding that it is not based on any science and that they should have the right to make decisions for their kids, not the government. Gov. Ron DeSantis has made it clear in the state of Florida that he will ban any mask mandates and stand up for anyone who tries to take away the rights of parents.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Reykdal said that teachers and students need to prepare as they head back to school in person, citing a rise in case of rates due to the delta variant. He said that district leaders are currently about 70% vaccinated and teachers landing somewhere around 75%. He said pushing the mandates would offer more protection against the virus.

Reykdal even suggested that unvaccinated teachers should face “non-disciplinary dismissal” from their jobs, excluding those who get a medical or religious exemption.

A middle school teacher from Vancouver, Washington even said she is ready to say “let them die” to those who are unvaccinated.

“I am ready to say let them die. You make a choice to not get your shot for any reason other than a doctor’s note, you should not be allowed healthcare. You are like the brats in class that ruin it for everyone,” 52-year-old PE teacher Jeanine Kolkemo said.

She went on to say that they are lucky if they can cut out 30% of the population that “votes the wrong way” then made a Hunger Games reference. The chief operations officer at Evergreen Public schools, as well as the HR department, are handling the situation.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are aware of the situation and it is being handled through our human resources department. We are not at liberty to discuss personnel matters but we do appreciate you bringing this forward,” Chief Operations Officer of Evergreen Public Schools Jenae Gomes said.

To the Democrats, it’s not even about a difference of opinions anymore. You either vote the “wrong” way or the “right” way. The state of Washington is trying to force mandates left and right without any rhyme or reason (or science).