The 2022 Midterm Red Wave Has Already Begun


It seems like the red wave has already begun for the upcoming 2022 congressional midterms. Republican Ryan Fazio just flipped a state Senate seat in a Connecticut district President Joe Biden won more than 25% in November. He defeated Democrat opposer Alex Gevanter in Connecticut’s state Senate District 36. Gevanter released a statement officially conceding from the race.

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) President Dee Duncan announced that the people of Connecticut have been “sick and tired” of the Democrat’s radical agenda and that tonight’s significant victory will make the state a better place. People can have access to good-paying jobs, support their families, and build a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.

During the 2020 elections, Republicans flipped both legislative chambers in New Hampshire and held on to all of their 59 Republican-controlled chambers. Democrats had told their supporters that losing District 36 would put all of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s gains in jeopardy.

The RSLC released a statement congratulating Ryan Fazio on running a strong campaign. They said his victory demonstrates that Connecticut citizens are looking for “common-sense leaders” who will champion conservative policies that revive the economy, create jobs, reduce regulations, lower taxes, and keep families safe. The statement warns how it is “more important than ever” to have strong Republican leadership in the state with Democrats controlling Washington.

“Tonight’s result is further evidence that Republicans are on offense this cycle, and the RSLC has no intention of slowing down when it comes to winning the tough fights ahead of us. The RSLC will continue to support state Republicans to ensure wins like this so that we can grow the future of our party and stop socialism from spreading to the states,” the statement reads.

CT Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly congratulated Fazio on the win, adding that the next generation is standing up as Republicans and aren’t afraid to make their voices heard. He said that the victory shows that people are not happy with a “one-party Democratic rule” in Hartford and that Gov. Lamont is not as popular as everyone assumes, even in his own hometown.

“Ryan’s success reflects his incredible work ethic and commitment to serve the people in his district. His campaign attracted an overwhelming number of energetic volunteers who made a difference. This successful grassroots effort for change is a signal that the 2022 election will be positive for Connecticut’s working and middle-class families,” Kelly wrote.

GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted out congratulating Fazio on the win and announced how the RNC was proud to work and get the vote out. They have warned the radical left that Republicans are on the “offense” this cycle and have no intention of slowing down. I suppose that’s another way of calling it a “red wave.” Either way, it’s a bad sign for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.