Rick Scott Suggests The 25th Amendment To Get Biden Out Of Office After Afghanistan Chaos


President Joe Biden has been under intense scrutiny for his handling of the United States’ departure from Afghanistan. Sen. Rick Scott went so far as to suggest that the “disastrous events in Afghanistan” have left him wondering whether or not Biden is capable of his duties in the office. He asked if it is time or not to exercise provisions of the 25th Amendment.

Due to Biden’s failure in executing a strategic withdrawal plan, the world watched Taliban leaders take over Afghanistan’s presidential palace in Kabul and declare itself the new leaders of the war-torn country. Approximately 6,000 U.S troops will deploy to Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport to assist with evacuations, including the evacuation with all US personnel from the embassy.

Thousands of Afghans rushed to the airport desperate to escape the Taliban and even tried to hold onto a military jet as it took off. At least seven people died.

“Inflation is raging. The debt ceiling expired & U.S. debt is headed to $45 TRILLION. Kabul is falling to the Taliban & encounters in the #BidenBorderCrisis just hit a 20 YEAR HIGH. Democrats control the House, Senate & @WhiteHouse. What in the world is Joe Biden doing?” Sen. Scott first tweeted.

Many social media users pointed out how former president Donald Trump tried to get impeached over a phone call and that Scott’s comments could be “planting seeds” to help get Biden out of office. It wouldn’t likely succeed since both the House, Senate, and Biden’s Cabinet have Democratic majorities, but with the mess today, it’s worth the try.

If anything, there have been requests (by Sen. Scott in particular) for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to launch an investigation into the withdrawal and what went wrong. Many questions include why the withdrawal timeline was expedited from the September 11 date set by the President, what “intelligence advice” did military leaders make providing that decision, and why did President Biden repeatedly say that the Taliban would not take over. Sen. Scot also asked if the administration was warned that their lack of U.S airpower in Afghanistan would risk a safe and orderly withdrawal.

Sen. Scott called to question military leaders, members of his administration, members of the intelligence community, the U.S military as well as NATO partners supporting the mission, members of the IC, and Pentagon officials.

“As the United States faces its most stunning, unforced and humiliating defeat in decades, President Biden’s abject failure to execute a strategic withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan has placed it back in the hands of the same terrorist-coddling extremists who ruled it on September 11, 2001, and created a power vacuum ripe for manipulation by the world’s most dangerous actors,” the investigation request reads.

Sen. Scott calls on Schumer and Pelosi to investigate Biden’s “carelessness,” which has made the world a more dangerous place. He said they need to put aside their partisan politics and demand accountability from President Biden by launching an investigation.

The 25th Amendment only gives us President Kamala Harris, who might just be worse than Biden. Biden has been a national disaster, with more than half of the country believing he won by fraud. What happened in Afghanistan just proves how unfit for the job he is. Nobody in the Democrat Party can get a crisis secured – they only spew divisive ideas to make things worse. Is anyone else missing Trump and his “mean tweets?”