Vote-By-Mail Ballots Exposes Election To Fraud


A special election is taking place to replace disgraced former U.S House Rep. Katie Hill, though many (including President Trump and Republican nominee Mike Garcia) believe the Democratic process has become rigged. Back in late March, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an order for all voters in the areas where special elections are taking place to use vote-by-mail ballots. This has led the Republican party to be concerned about the possibility of absentee ballot fraud.

The State GOP then filed a lawsuit against Newsom after he refused to respond to an inquiry about whether or not ballot collectors were considered “essential” or “non-essential” in a state that is on virtual lockdown with strict social distancing measures put in place. Courts are being needed in such a time when Newsom is putting the Californians’ lives at risk. If we can’t see our mothers on Mother’s Day, attend weddings or funerals, go to school or family events, or even open businesses, then strangers definitely shouldn’t be visiting homes to collect ballots. The direction from the Democrats in office is completely unstable. 

Los Angeles County officials have also approved a request from Lancaster’s mayor to install a voting center in the city that weekend. This move, along with Newsom’s mail-in ballots order, is leading many to believe Democrats are stealing the election and breaking their own social distancing rules along the way. 

“Governor @GavinNewsom of California won’t let restaurants, beaches and stores open, but he installs a voting booth system in a highly Democrat area (supposed to be mail in ballots only) because our great candidate, @MikeGarcia2020, is winning by a lot. CA25  Rigged Election!” Donald Trump tweeted. 

The Democrats fought like crazy to get all mail in only ballots, and succeeded, just to open a voting booth in the most Democratic area in the state. Mike Garcia also tweeted about the rigged votes. He points out that Christy Smith and her liberal Dem allies didn’t say anything for weeks even though the polling places were in full view of the public. Even after every voter received a ballot, they tried to change the rules to steal the election. 

Kamala Harris then responds to President Trump’s tweet with an irrelevant message about the popular vote. “Remind me, who won the popular vote again?” She tweets to him. This did not go well. People reminded her of the electoral college, how her campaign ended in 4 sentences, and how we elect our president in America. For a candidate who was polling at 2% with her own party, she sure has a lot to say to everyone else. 

President Trump is still the President because the Democratic party failed attempts to remove him from the office. Brett Kavanaugh is still a Supreme Court Justice because the #BelieveAllWomen smear tactics failed to derail his nomination. Kamala Harris, along with millions of Democrat votes, have been casted illegally and if voting laws were more enforced back in 2016, I wouldn’t be surprised to see if Trump had won both the popular vote and even more electoral college states also. Fake statistics have been provided for significant vote alteration fraud and this year the Left will try to use the coronavirus to do the exact same thing.