Valerie Biden Defends Family From Corruption Charges


Valerie Biden Owens, President Joe Biden’s sibling, continues to defend her family’s and nephew Hunter Bidens’ questionable foreign business deals. Biden’s sister, Growing Up Biden is currently on a media trip promoting her memoir. However, she did not have the patience to answer any questions about Hunter Biden’s business dealings, which are currently under federal investigation.

Gayle King, a CBS host, asked Gayle about Hunter in a Sunday interview.

Owens responded, “No,” pivoting to criticize former President Donald Trump’s supporters’ attempts “attack my brother’s child” to harm Biden politically.

King asked Owens whether there was a “there,” there in the increasing questions surrounding the family’s foreign-business deals. She replied that there hadn’t been one since 2019.

In 2014, Hunter Biden was first asked about his role in the joining of Ukrainian gas company Burisma. This was at the time that his father, former President Barack Obama, led the administration’s response towards Ukraine.

Biden maintains that he never discussed foreign business transactions with Hunter or his brother, despite numerous occasions when he met Hunter’s business associates.

The ongoing federal investigation into Biden’s family members and foreign business deals was featured in the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN.

According to Peter Schweizer, a senior contributor at Breitbart News, the family of Biden also received $31 million from Chinese financiers with direct ties in China.

Biden’s sister, Hunter Biden repeatedly referred to Hunter’s drug struggles when Biden was asked about him.

Susan Page, USA Today’s reporter, asked Hunter if he was responsible for the controversy surrounding his business dealings. She replied, “No.”

She continued, “Hunter walked through hell.” He didn’t wake up one morning and declare, “Aunt Val! I think I’m going crazy!” But he did. Now he is whole and healthy.

Gayle King interviewed Owens about Hunter Biden’s autobiography on his battle with drug addiction.

Hunter has written beautifully about his battle with addiction and his journey through hell. She said that she was so thankful for Hunter’s ability to escape hell.

Page stated that Owens had “dismissed completely” the idea of Hunter and James being investigated.

She said, “You can’t predict the worst, but we can deal with it together.”

She criticised Trump for pushing the story, and attacked her brother.