Biden Falsely Blamed Trump For Whitmer Kidnapping Plot


In October 2020, President Joe Biden exploited an alleged plot against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. He then blamed President Donald Trump for sensational arrests made in a key swing state. However, the trial concluded Friday without any convictions.

Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta were both acquitted. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on the charges against Barry Croft and Adam Fox, who were alleged leaders of the plot.

Biden’s campaign and the establishment media treated all the accused like Trump supporters. However, Caserta was photographed online in front an anarchist flag and Harris had participated in a Black Lives Matter protest on June 2020. Both facts were buried by the Democrat party and the media who continue to blame Trump.

Biden suggested that the defendants were white supremacists and that Trump was responsible for the plot when the FBI announced charges against them in October 2020.

Trump was not tied to the plot at the time, and there was no evidence of this during his trial.

As the trial progressed, questions were raised regarding the FBI informants’ role, suggesting that they might have entrapped defendants or concocted this plot. Buzzfeed News, which is not a right-wing outlet, noted last year that:

BuzzFeed News’ examination of the case reveals that some informants, working under the FBI’s direction, played a much larger role than previously reported. They did more than simply observe the actions of suspects and provide reports. They were involved in almost every aspect of the plot, from its inception to its conclusion. Their involvement raises questions about whether there would have been a conspiracy had they not been involved.

Jurors were given instructions by the judge on entrapment. They could be found not guilty if they believed that agents or informants tried to persuade the men to agree to such a plot. The Associated Press also noted that defendants did not have the predisposition to do such a crime before the FBI entered the picture.