Time’s Up Is Laying Off Staff, Halting Operations In Effort To Reset Cuomo Scandal


The #metoo organization, Time’s Up, has been cutting staff and suspending operations in an attempt to “reset itself” in the wake of embarrassing internal scandals.

Time’s Up recently announced that the organization will be rebuilt from the ground up and current programmatic operations will cease on January 1. Laid-off employees will receive severance until March 1, with their interim CEO leaving behind a small transition team to manage the overhaul.

Although the group did not say how many employees would receive pink slips, it was reported that most of the staff members will be gone by the end. This announcement is a significant admission of failure by Time’s Up, which was founded in 2008 by a group of Hollywood celebrities to address workplace sexual misconduct.

The movement quickly got involved in its own scandals and was caught protecting prominent Dem politicians against sexual harassment and assault allegations. Anita Dunn closely supported the organization.

Time’s Up denied that they decided not to help Tara Reade, the former Congressional aide accused of sexual assault by Joe Biden.

 Time’s Up also spent a lot on salaries but very little on aiding alleged victims.

The group raised $3,670 219 in its first year but only spent $1,407 032 on salaries. Only $312,001 was spent on Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund to help victims of sexual harassment and tens to thousands of dollars was spent on advertising and legal costs.

Time’s Up supported Oprah Winfrey, the founding donor, over Russell Simmons’ rape accusers and refused to support a documentary about Russell Simmons’ allegations of rape. Oprah Winfrey was supposed to be the executive producer, but she withdrew her support following a whisper campaign against the film. Simmons was a significant fundraiser for the Obamas.

Time’s Up Healthcare’s co-founder did not report sexual harassment complaints, with nearly a third of their board members resigning later on. Time’s Up started off badly when Lisa Borders, its first president and CEO, resigned in the wake of misconduct allegations against her son.

Tina Tchen, a former CEO of Time’s Up and a White House official, resigned earlier in the year after reports that she had told the group to not issue a statement supporting Gov. Cuomo’s first accuser Roberta Kaplan, The Time’s Up board chairwoman resigned after it was revealed that she had advised the Cuomo administration about how to combat sexual harassment allegations.

Time’s Up refused to assist Tara Reade, a former Congressional staffer who claimed that Joe Biden had assaulted and raped her almost three decades ago. Reade said she felt truly betrayed by the group.