Kamala Harris Dodges Reaction To Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict After Condemning Vigilantes During 2020 Campaign


Vice President Kamala Harris recently resisted sharing her reaction to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict while traveling to Ohio to promote Biden’s infrastructure bill.

The VP did not respond to reporters’ shouted questions as she gathered at the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union hall. She gave a speech to workers but did not mention the “not guilty” verdict given by the jury.

President Biden stated that he agreed with the sentiments expressed by those “angry” and “concerned” by the verdict. Harris declined to comment about the trial and told reporters that the focus should be on facts and evidence of the case.

She said as an ex-courtroom prosecutor, you can see that the case should focus on the facts and evidence and that she won’t comment on either of those. Harris was more open to talking about her opinion of the incident during 2020’s campaign, where she described Rittenhouse as a shooter who was convicted of murder.

She stated to reporters that they won’t let these vigilantes or extremists derail their path to justice.