Florida Legislature Pursues $1 Billion In Gas Tax Relief


Gov. Ron DeSantis recently announced that the Florida legislature would seek $1 billion in gas tax relief during its next session. He spoke in Daytona from Buc-ee’s iconic convenience store and outlined the economic problems facing the American people.

DeSantis states that they are happy to be here, but not as happy to see the economic inflation. He said that the price for a Thanksgiving dinner has risen by more than 20% over last year, adding that even with raises, people are losing ground to this inflationary economy.

He went on to talk about Biden claiming that inflation wasn’t real six months ago. He said it was only a matter of time before the crisis started affecting Americans in many ways, including gas prices.

DeSantis said if you were standing here in Daytona a year ago, you could get one gallon of gas. Now it’s $3.34. It’s $1.31 less than it was one year ago and that’s true across the rest of the nation.
He announced that the next legislative session would seek to provide over a billion dollars of gas tax relief for Florida families.

The GOP governor estimates that the average family could save two hundred dollars over a 5- to 6-month period by taking advantage of this relief.

He acknowledged that there are many factors that affect the cost of gas. However, he stated that they would “take over 25 cents from Florida” and “zero it out as long as possible. ”

He stressed that the state is financially able to assist those “getting hammered” by rising gas prices. He said that they are also committed to lowering the price of food.