The Ultimatum Of 2020


The Atlanta Daily World published a letter that criticized Biden by listing a number of oppressive measures linked to him during his decades in the Senate and said that he MUST choose a black female VP because of that. 

“As someone who has said throughout the campaign that VP Joe Biden needs to choose a Black woman VP, the urgency for that pick has gone from something that SHOULD happen to something that HAS to happen. It disgusts us that Black women are not just being vetted in this VP process but unfairly criticized and scrutinized,” the letter starts. 

Biden is looking to announce his VP pick anyway now. Sen. Kamala Harris was the only potential name picked in the letter. Other black female vice-presidential candidates have included Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Rep. Karen Bass (Calif.), Rep. Val Demings (Fla.), and former national security adviser Susan Rice.

The letter linked him to the 1994 crime bill asking if he expects black women to stay in their place and show remorse for even questioning their own oppression. 

“For too long Black women have been asked to do everything from rally the troops to risk their lives for the Democratic Party with no acknowledgment, no respect, no visibility, and certainly not enough support. More than 700 Black women signed on to this letter demanding a Black woman VP. And we, black men, stand in solidarity with them,” the letter adds. 

It concludes that “failing to select a black woman in 202 means you will lose the election.” Well, wow. That’s a bit of an ultimatum. 

The letter was signed by hundreds, including rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs, CNN’s Van Jones, attorney Ben Crump, television host Nick Cannon, and radio host Charlamagne Tha God.

Other news platforms have also criticized Biden, saying that he would pay a steep price if he chooses a white woman for the ticket. Many articles boiled over when Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a white woman, had flown to meet with Biden to discuss the vice presidency. Frustration blew over among many black female democrats, including some in her own state.

“He better pick a black woman. If he picks Gretchen, he’ll lose Michigan,” said Virgie Rollins, chair of the Democratic National Committee Black Caucus.

Black women activists and operatives made the case that he needs strong African American turnout in swing states like Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania to win. 

Many members of Biden’s VP search committee have expressed their concern over Sen. Kamala Harris, questioning her loyalty as VP since she was campaigning for the presidential position herself.