Republicans Rip Hypocritical Biden Travel Mask Mandate Extension


Republicans attacked the Biden administration after reports that the nationwide mandate for public transit was extended by two more weeks.

One lawmaker called it “hypocritical”, while others criticized the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the mandate. Others also highlighted the ineffectiveness as well as Title 42’s recent lifting – a public provision in health that is essential in fighting the spread of COVID-19 as well as controlling the influx from migrants at our southern border.

Officials from the Republican Party took to Twitter to express their outrage at the reports

Rep. Greg Murphy (R.NC), who is also an attorney, stated that Biden would repeal Title 42 in order to allow illegal immigrants to flood the United States often unmasked and untested from dozens, if not, many countries. However, mask mandates will still be in place for American citizens. “This wasn’t about science.”

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R.NY) wrote that the Biden Administration must stop talking about COVID from both sides. They can say the COVID emergency has ended to lift Title 42 and worsen the border crisis, but they still use COVID to justify imposing unscientific mandates upon Americans.

“So, the pandemic is still a significant problem in which we must wear masks on airplanes, but not enough to make it a problem that Biden can lift COVID regulations on illegal immigration?” “How convenient,” said Rep. Jeff Duncan (R.SC).

“TSA extended their mandates for masks once more!” Rep. Brian Mast (R.FL) wrote that COVID-19 has been under control and the border reopened. “Why do mothers have to force masks onto their asthmatic children?”
Rep. Lisa McClain (R.MI) wrote that the CDC extended the mask mandate for planes, but dropped the COVID emergency at southern border. “Can they pretend to be following science these day?” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R.NY) wrote, “If Biden is able to lift Title 42 then we shouldn’t have to wear faces on airplanes.”

“We can lift Title 42 at the southern border to allow illegals to flood into our country but Americans still need to wear useless masks,” said Sen. Roger Marshall (R.KS), who is also a doctor.

Rep. Dan Bishop (R.NC) wrote, “And yet Biden’s CDC states the covid emergency has ended at the border.” End every useless mandate in America immediately. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a classroom or on a plane.

Rep. Mike Carey (R.OH) asked, “How does the Biden Administration justify extending mask mandates while ending Title 42?”

“Yet, they can announce 6 weeks ahead that they are eliminating Title 42 on the border,” said Chad Wolf (ex-acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security) in the Trump administration. “Sad.”

“Biden cannot tell us that science is being followed when Americans are forced into wearing masks on planes. But he is dropping COVID, the only tool we have for expelled illegal migrants,” said Rep. Pat Fallon (R.TX).

The official Twitter account of the Republican National Committee stated, “Biden: Extends Mask Mandate for Travel.” “Also Biden, no mandates for illegal crossing of the southern border.”

Rep. Mary Miller (R.Illinois) wrote that “it is absolutely absurd that the CDC removed covid limitations for illegal migrants, but is going to continue forcing the rest of us into wearing masks on planes.” “The agency is now wildly politicized, and should not have the power to do any such thing.”

Senator Jim Risch (R.I.) wrote that the Biden Administration had announced it would repeal Title 42 at its southern border (because COVID-19 has ended) and extend the transportation mask mandate to Americans (because COVID-19 hasn’t ended).

“At the exact same time, CDC is revoking the COVID-19 border authority under Title 42 that will allow approximately 18k people per day to illegally cross our southern frontier. “It seems that the administration believes the threat of COVID-19 exists only on planes, but not at our southern border,” said Senator Mike Rounds (R – SD).

“So, the Democrats want Title 42 to be ended because the pandemic has passed but they continue to require Americans to wear masks when riding public transit. Rep. Barry Moore (R.AL) wrote, “Someone please explain my logic to them.”

Rep. Jake LaTurner (R.KS) wrote that President Biden would extend the mandate for public transportation, but end Title 42 COVID restrictions at the southern border.

He said, “The only science Democrats follow is political science.” “It’s high time to end all mask mandates!”

“COVID is over” for illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. The GOP Judiciary Committee tweeted, “But not for Americans flying in planes.”

The Trump administration invoked Title 42 at the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, which allowed for the swift removal of illegally crossing U.S. border.

The Biden administration announced last week that it would repeal Title 42, a policy expected to attract more migrants to the U.S. border.

Republicans responded by accusing President Trump of “destroying” the country through a “full-scale invasion” and warning about a coming “migration crisis.” Some call for impeachment.