Texas Gov. Abbott Predicts Title 42 Repeal Will See More People Enter State In One Year


If President Biden does not follow through with his plan to lift Title 42’s public health order next month, Texas Governor. This will only make the ongoing border crisis worse. Greg Abbott said Thursday. Abbott gave remarks at the groundbreaking ceremony to honor the Texas Department of Public Safety memorial. He praised the agency and noted the immense responsibility they have in addressing this situation.

Abbott stated, “Look at the people they have to deal with along the border in an unprecedented manner.” Later, he noted that DPS had to apprehend illegal aliens who were able to evade Border Patrol officers.

Abbott stated that Texas is currently facing the “most severe and urgent border crisis” in its history. “In the last 15 months, more than 1.6million people have crossed the Texas border illegally.”

Abbott pointed out that the figure of 1.6 million is more than any Texas city, except Houston. According to a 2020 census estimate, Houston had 2.3 million inhabitants. According to the Republican governor, if Biden ends Title 42 “that number is only going to double, maybe even triple.”

Abbott said, “That means that over the next year, starting May 23, more people will come into Texas than any other city.” This is an enormous challenge for Texas to face.

Abbott has been vocal in challenging the Biden administration. He used buses to transport migrants who had been released by federal authorities into his state to Washington, D.C. Two buses have already taken people from Texas to Washington, D.C., who were originally from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.