Pelosi Blames “Climate Change” Without Facts


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is among one of the many Democrats blaming every single wildfire or major flood on climate change. This was the case just Thursday when she cited Mother Earth being “angry” at the cause for the wildfires ravaging California and many other states. 

During a recent MSNBC interview, Pelosi gave nothing but false claims that climate is to blame for wildfires. 

“We have these fires in California and in the West. Sixteen people have died in Washington, Oregon, and California, including a firefighter and a 1-year-old baby. Our firefighters have been so very, very courageous. Now we’re again breaking records. Mother Earth is angry; she telling us,” Pelosi said. 

Before jumping on the liberal train, there are other potential causes for the wildfires to consider. 

First of all, one of last week’s destructive wildfires was caused by a gender reveal party gone bad. A New York Times article even talked about power transmission lines and other utility equipment sparking and igniting fires in remote areas. Some were ignited when falling trees knocked the power lines. 

In a recent piece by one of Heartland Institute’s energy and environment researchers, H. Sterling Burnett, much of America’s land is naturally arid and dry forest, which makes it susceptible to wildfires. There is no evidence climate change is making the wildfire problems worse. 

There is evidence that California, in particular, has evidence of massive wildfires regularly swarming through the region historically. More than 4.4 million acres of California forest has been burned annually since 2000. 

The piece also talks about human activities, along with the growth of buildings and infrastructures, as one of the many contributors to observed changes in fire. Humans have an influence on fire, both intentional or accidental ignitions. Climate and vegetation can also lag time that spans years into changing the vital components of fire research. 

“Although one wouldn’t know it from the news coverage and alarming, but false, claims that climate change is making wildfires more frequent and severe, the opposite is true,” Burnett said. 

It’s a shame the liberals can just name drop “climate change” for any old scam or political agenda they’d like to push. The mainstream media supports and protects this lie without any evidence to back up their claims. But hey, climatologist Nancy Pelosi has all of the answers right?