Democrats Block Recent Coronavirus Relief Package


The Democrats are at it again. They’ve chosen to vote against and filibuster a new relief package that would’ve brought additional benefits to American families who need it the most. This isn’t the most surprising part, though. It’s the way the entire liberal media explained it, using the same phrase and all. Stephen L. Miller, contributor to Spectator USA and commentary archive at Fox News, pointed this all out. 

In a recent tweet, Miller captioned “watch how a narrative unfolds in real time,” before posting a series of screenshot headlines from liberal media platforms. They all used the same phrase “failed to advance” when talking about the coronavirus stimulus bill. These headlines using the same phrase “failed to advance” came from platforms such as CNN, CNBC, The New York Times, Face The Nation, Politico, Washington Post, and many more.

It’s an embarrassment to the left and proof that they all receive the same memo talking points for the day and likely all using the same writer to save money. 

Narratives don’t unfold themselves, media platforms do. 

It’s an interesting narrative to frame. What does “failed to advance” even mean? The only person who has failed to advance is Nancy Pelosi who has already promised this package earlier and is essentially the Democratic Senate Leader at this point. 

It gets to the point where the left need to start being honest with the American people here. What stopped the bill from failing to advance? What brought everything to a halt? The bill was not objectionable. It was $500 billion, but it didn’t give them a blank check of $2 billion to distribute to New York and California. Those Dem-run cities have turned into fiscal dumpster fires at this point and it is not the American taxpayer’s fault for that. At least the Republicans have held their ground there.

The left thinks they can keep everything quiet until after the election, but that is already backfiring. The polls are tightening and people want to get back to work. The Democratic Party is financially suppressing the American people just to make President Trump look bad. That is where people draw the line. 

 It’ll be a shame when Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer find out November 3rd their House/Senate candidates for re-election “fail to advance” as well too.