Lightfoot Refuses To Admit There Is Crime, Insists Chicago Is In A Downward Trajectory


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is quickly becoming one of the most disliked mayors. Between refusing to grant reporters interviews based on their skin color and having more than 300 people shot and killed in Chicago this year alone, Lightfoot’s leadership skills are down the drain. Even President Joe Biden felt to need to talk about helping Chicago and “other big cities” that have been hit hard by an increase in deadly gun violence.

Tensions became heated at a recent press conference when Newsmax reporter William Kelly asked Mayor Lightfoot about the violent crime in the city. In typical Democrat fashion, Lightfoot denied the rise in crime at all.

He pointed out how more than 1,500 people have been shot and wounded in Chicago this year alone and how many of the hotels have been shut down due to violence. He named several violent acts that happened that week alone and asked the mayor if she felt personally responsible for the violence in the city.

Mayor Lightfoot, however, lied and claimed that Chicago has been less violent this month than last year in June and that they are seeing a “downward trajectory” where other cities are continuing to see a climb. But as pointed out by Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, a spokesperson for the National Police Association, city officials are ignoring the problem completely.

Smith pointed out how the city’s reform measures are hampering police efforts to reduce the crime rate and that the state attorney’s “progressive agenda” is dropping a huge number of cases against violent criminals and allowing them back onto the city’s streets. She told Western Journal reporter Michael Austin that Chicago’s a “very broken place and Lori Lightfoot helped break it.” She opts to push for more police accountability and said that the city’s mayor continually fails to acknowledge it.

Even worse, Lightfoot continues to push for police reform policies that would restrict the police department’s ability to effectively combat crime. Even though she’d fueled her political ascent with promises to reform the Chicago Police Department, it got worse under her leadership.

The Lightfoot administration has neglected to act on policies that would support law enforcement, with Lightfoot’s police superintendent before he was fired amid a scandal in late 2019, saying it was hard to balance reforms that depend on retraining cops and keeping them in the most violent neighborhoods. Chicago has the country’s second-largest police department.

Shootings and homicides were up by 50% in 2020 and this year has been even more violent. Lightfoot has continued to reject the idea that crime is rising and said she is “taking on the challenge” of building the Chicago Police Department. Well, it’s been two years under Lightfoot’s leadership already…and it has crumbled.