DeSantis Steps In To Help Texas At The Border (Since The Biden Administration Won’t)


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently announced that the state of Florida will be sending 50 state law enforcement officers to Texas to aid in enforcing the United States-Mexico border. He said that he would keep his promise made to the governors to help with additional law enforcement and other resources to aid with border security.

“Last week, Texas and Arizona called for help to secure the southern border. I’m proud to announce that Florida is stepping up to help the effort and to protect our residents from the harms caused by open borders,” DeSantis announced in a tweet.

While Gov. DeSantis was unable to share mission specifics, he said that the source of funding is still a point of discussion. The state would send 50 state personnel from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement but would not know the exact location where they would be stationed at the border. The governor also made it clear that the Biden Administration was not helping in any way.

“Typically, if someone would help us, you know, we would pick up some of their funding and so that is how we would hope that it goes. But we do not anticipate getting any federal funds,” DeSantis said.

The move was made as the border has been seeing some of the highest numbers of migrants in years. DeSantis adds that the plan was announced in response to the failure of the Biden Administration to secure our southern border. He said that the federal government was unwilling and unable to secure the border and protect Americans.

“When the Governors of Texas and Arizona reached out for help, Florida answered the call. We are witnessing a catastrophe at the southern border under the Biden Administration. In recent months, we have seen people from the terrorist watch list, known sex offenders, and a flood of fentanyl cross over the border. This is a national security crisis, and we must get it under control,” DeSantis said.

There have been talks for some time now that Gov. DeSantis is looking at the 2024 presidential candidate spot. He came out at the top of the Western Conservative Summit poll, narrowly beating out former president Donald Trump. Voters were asked to rank their top 2024 presidential contenders. Ron DeSantis got 74.12%, Donald Trump got 71.43%, Ted Cruz got 42.86%, Mike Pompeo got 39.35%, and Tim Scott got 35.58%.

DeSantis also got second to Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) poll in February, which is the biggest and oldest gathering of conservative leaders. The top issues of the polls have been border security, election integrity, religious freedom, federal budget, and gun rights.

DeSantis has spent his time fighting vaccine passports, reopening the economy, keeping divisive race politics out of the classroom, and sending officers to the border. Looks like he fits the ticket.