California Parents Strike Back Against School Mask Mandates


California parents are getting sick of their school’s mask mandates and have recently called out Gov. Gavin Newsom for not following the science in their state. A mother of four Sharon McKeeman founded the group “Let Them Breathe” to promote an end to mask mandates and promote mask choice. She said she’s been watching kids suffer behind masks and that she can’t wait to restore their smiles.

McKeeman said that the group has received support from thousands of parents and that they want state and local representatives to do better for California kids. Another parent group in Northern California is working with McKeeman that helped successfully sue Gov. Newsom, Health Secretary Dr. Mark Galley, and the California Department of Health to reopen schools. They said that their partnership goals are to eliminate school testing and quarantine requirements, as well as school mask mandates.

Johnathan Zacharson, a father of three, said that Gavin Newsom and his administration have not listened to science throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and that they need to take legal action. He stressed that we are in a different phase of the pandemic now.

“Vaccines and natural immunity are at an all-time high and we now have data that we didn’t have from last year. And so, we really need to live by the policies for now, in the summer of 2021 and not the fall of 2020,” Zacharson said.

Jay Reid, another parent, pointed to the constitution and said that the school district is supposed to provide education in individual maximum possible range, but that the California Department of Public Health Policy sends you home if you come into close contact with someone who’s tested positive for COVID-19. He said that these are conflicting policies

“A positive test could result in dozens of healthy children being quarantined and so that policy and the masking policy, they all go with each other,” Reid argued.

Another report points out that children only represent 13% of all COVID-19 cases and an even smaller percentage of total deaths, yet the state government has kept mask mandates regardless of vaccination status for the upcoming fall season. They argued that 15% of the population (children under the age o 12) still remain without vaccination options and run the risk of COVID-19 exposure and infection.

Los Angeles Unified School District is also fighting for radical-left policies in the classroom including COVID-19 testing a minimum of every two weeks, a public dashboard to report all positive cases, a symptom screening for everyone on school property, and continued mask mandates. Superintendent Austin Beutner also vowed to replace classroom air filters before fully reopening. B

But the California Teacher Association has stood in strong opposition to the recall of Gov. Newsom. No surprise since the Dems and teachers’ unions help fund and support one another. Science has nothing to do with masks and hasn’t from the beginning. We’ve already seen recent studies that masks create a wealth of health problems because of recycling exhaled germs and bacteria. Children are already susceptible to dental issues because of it, with an increase in cavities and other oral side effects.

States without mask mandates didn’t see COVID-19 case or death rate percentages any higher than California or New York City. Masks made zero difference when implemented during the pandemic. Why punish kids for that?