Kamala Harris Claims $1.75 Trillion Build Back Better Not Going To Cost Anything For The American Taxpayer


Kamala Harris, Vice President, recently promoted the Biden administration’s $1.75 Trillion Build Back Better bill and claimed that it would not cost anything to the American taxpayer, even though the bill introduces dramatic tax increases.

Harris stated that it’s not going to be expensive for the American taxpayer. She spoke out about the bill during a Paris press conference, as well as the ongoing inflation worries of the American people. Her exact cost is not known, since the House version of Build Back Better raises taxes on various income brackets in order to pay it.

According to a Tax Policy Center analysis, the House bill would increase taxes by roughly 20 percent to 30% on middle-income households. Families earning more than $885,000 would see their taxes rise dramatically.

Harris stated that she was optimistic Congress would pass the bill and emphasized the importance of helping Americans to pay for their care. She stated that the American people would see their costs reduced for some of the most important services they require to fulfill their basic responsibilities. This includes childcare, eldercare, and preschool.