Andrew Cuomo Considering Run For NY Attorney General Post


It was recently reported that Andrew Cuomo is considering running for the position of state attorney general he held before he was elected governor. In the past 24 hours, Cuomo’s confidants mentioned to elected Democratic officials as well as party insiders that Cuomo could run in 2022 for attorney general. These people claim that Letitia James, the current AG, has declared her candidacy to run for governor. This leaves the position of AG open.

According to a person who has direct knowledge, “People in Cuomo’s orbit are throwing it out there.” “They’re floating it… and gauging people’s reactions.”

The article stated that even though Cuomo’s reputation was further damaged, he was forced to resign amid an Albany probe and the findings of an investigation conducted by James’ office. James’ investigation claimed Cuomo sexually harassed several female staffers.

The former governor has $18million in his war chest and can use it for any political race he wishes to enter. This cash could give him an advantage over other potential AG candidates. According to the report, James won the race with $1 million – just a fraction of Cuomo’s money.”

Cuomo spokesperson Rich Azzopardi said that his boss had not considered running for attorney general. He told the outlet that there was a lot of speculation and that it wasn’t possible to control the situation if people continue to use valuable real estate in their heads.

According to the New York Times, Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor (D), was telling people privately that he intends to run for governor in New York in 2022.

De Blasio has spoken to former aides to see if they are interested in working on a campaign. He has also made other attempts to reach out to labor leaders to discuss a possible bid. To assess the appeal of Mr. de Blasio beyond New York City, his long-time pollster conducted an anonymous survey.

De Blasio was mocked for his alleged plans of running for governor.

Rich Schaffer, the chairman of Suffolk County’s Democratic Committee, stated that Osama bin Laden was probably more popular than Bill de Blasio in Suffolk County during an interview with The Times. “De Blasio would have zero support, if not negative, out here.”