DeSantis Floats Sending Migrants To Delaware In Response To Biden Admin’s Migrant Flights To Florida


Florida Gov. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently proposed sending migrants to Delaware, President Biden’s state. This was in response to the numerous migrant flights that DeSantis claims have arrived in Florida at the request of the Biden administration.

DeSantis stated that if they are going to arrive here, buses will be provided for them and then he will send them all to Delaware He stated that if Biden doesn’t support the border is secured, then he should have the ability to have everybody else there.

The GOP governor is intensifying his fight with the administration about migrant flights into Jacksonville. According to his office, there have been over 70 migrants entering the Sunshine State since summer.

Officials claimed the Biden administration refused to disclose information about the facilitators of the flights to the governor’s offices. DeSantis stated that the flights are operated in the late hours and at “one or two or three in the morning.” He went on to say that the flights were unannounced and that he had been given no notice and therefore could not veto them.

For months, GOP politicians have raised alarms about flights into the U.S. interior and other migrations of migrants to non-border states like New York and Tennessee.

Although Title 42 public protections are being used to return many single adults and migrant families to their homes, the Biden administration has not applied Title 42 to too many migrant family members or unaccompanied children. UACs are being taken to Health and Human Services custody and then to sponsors, such as a parent who is already in the country.

Ron DeSantis discredits Biden flights that are bringing illegal immigrants into Florida. The situation was brought to light after a Honduran national, aged 24, was charged with murdering a Florida man. He tried to enter the U.S illegally as an unaccompanied minor.

The ICE had filed an Immigration Detainer on the man, stating how he was an illegally present Honduran citizen. This followed his murder conviction in Jacksonville.

DeSantis stated that he was looking into a variety of options for targeting the companies involved in the flight into the state.

He said they are looking to see what else we can do. He went on to say how the Biden Administration uses private contractors and that they are trying to figure out how we can fight against them. He said they can deny them state contracts, block their access to Florida’s general market, tax them, and do whatever they can to make it happen.