Joe Biden Says He Has No Idea Why Voters Think He Is Not Mentally Fit To Be President


During a White House press conference on Wednesday, President Joe Biden dismissed polls that showed he was not mentally healthy. A reporter asked Biden why only 40% of voters in a Morning Consult poll believe Biden is mentally healthy. 37% believe he’s in good health and 43% believe he’s stable.

Biden responded, “I don’t know,”

The president was aware of recent polling that showed his approval ratings at an all-time low, but expressed surprise that his approval rating was so low among independents.

He said, “I don’t believe the polls.”

Biden seemed to enjoy the 112-minute-long press conference and told reporters that he could stay for up to three hours.

“I can still stand. “It’s amazing,” he laughed when reporters thanked his for answering their questions. “I can do pushups.”

As the press conference went on, however, his responses to reporters’ questions grew longer and more rambling.

Biden stated that he would change his communication strategy over the next few months and leave the White House to speak more with Americans.

He said, “I’m going get out of that place more often.” “I will go out and speak to the public. I will be participating in a public forum. They will interface with me.”