Jan 6. Committee Gets Called Out By The GOP After Speaker’s Latest Stunt


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is adding fuel to the fire and harming the House as an institution. She recently denied House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks for two of the five GOP slots on the Jan. 6 select committee. He’d also selected Republican Representatives Rodney Davis, Kelly Armstrong, and Troy Nehls.

Taking the steps to deny seats to Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks is something that has not happened in the House before for a select committee. It’s nothing more than an abuse of power and a way to deny the Conservative members of the House. McCarthy went on to say that Republicans will boycott the entire committee if they do not allow his five picks, including Jordan and Banks to be seated.

“Denying the voice of members who have served in the military – Jim Banks, a Navy veteran who served in Afghanistan. As well as a leader of a standing committee. Jim Jordan isn’t ranking of just his first committee, he’s done it before. Unless Speaker Pelosi reverses course and seats all five Republican nominees, Republicans will not be a party to their sham process and will instead pursue our own investigation of the facts,” McCarthy said.

While Pelosi passed a resolution to create a select committee and investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, it included consultation with the minority leader to appoint five members to the committee. But the House Speaker has made it clear that she wants this to be Pelosi’s committee, not the people’s committee.

Pelosi argued her objections to Jordan and Banks, saying that they may have an impact on the “integrity of the investigation.” She said there is an insistence on the truth and with the statements and actions these members have taken. When really, Banks and Jordan were among the 139 Republicans who voted to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Arizona and Pennsylvania. They also signed a Texas lawsuit that challenged the election results in key battleground states.

Pelosi went on to say that the January 6th attack on Congress was the “worst domestic assault on American Democracy since the Civil War” and that we face all kinds of new forces working to attack the government. She said that the future of our democracy was on the line and that the committee will investigate this attempt to overthrow the government.

Pelosi has already appointed Rep. Liz Cheney to serve on the committee.

At this point, it’s clear to see that the Committee is a politically driven sham. In response to the Speaker’s comments, McCarthy pulled all five GOP nominations and said that the panel has lost all legitimacy and credibility. He said Republicans would hold a separate investigation into the events.

Banks said he knew he would be a target of Pelosi’s and that he would fight back. He said she didn’t want them on the committee because they wanted it to be partisan and to blame the former president, instead of properly investigating to ensure it never happens again.

Even House Rep. Elise Stefanik, who replaced Liz Cheney as the third-ranking House Republican, criticized Pelosi and asked what she’s so afraid of. She said that this decision just proves the left’s endless obsession with crushing any discussion or debate without investigating the facts. She even gave a warning to the Speaker’s career and her “failed leadership” that led to the gross mismanagement of the U.S Capitol.

“It is time to Fire Pelosi once and for all. I have no doubt that after the next November, Nancy Pelosi will never, ever hold the Speaker’s gavel again. She will make history as the most despised Speaker of the House who will be fired not once, but twice. And it can’t come soon enough,” Stefanik said.

The committee by Nancy Pelosi is a mockery of justice and looks to falsely convict one political party. It’s one witch hunt to the next.