Harris Lies In CBS Interview About Talking To GOP Lawmakers On Voting Rights


Vice President Kamala Harris recently spoke to CBS News on a phone call and struggled to name the Republican senators she’d been in contact with on voting rights issues. VP Harris told the platform she’d been in contact with senators from both parties on the voting rights legislation. She said she had been trying (and failing) to communicate with elected Republicans across the aisle.

“I have spoken to Republican senators — both elected Republicans and Republican leaders. I’ve talked with Murkowski about this issue,” Harris said.

But a spokesperson for Sen. Lisa Murkowski said their conversation had been focused on infrastructure, not voting rights. Harris’s office also clarified that the two had discussed infrastructure. This isn’t the first time Democrats have struggled with the meaning of the word ‘infrastructure.’

Rep. Murkowski has spoken out against S.1 and called it a “partisan, federal takeover of the election system,” but has been a co-sponsor of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, which most Republicans have been opposed to. The White House currently supports the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

Harris even said it herself that there is “no bright line” on whom to speak to about election security legislation. She claimed it was a nonpartisan issue and should be approached that way. But that’s a hard sell when she’s only talking to Democrats about an issue that has become extremely partisan. Everything Democrats do is designed to help them get elected – legally or illegally.

Democrats have been actively pushing the For the People Act. While it passed in the House in early March, it failed in the Senate 51-49. Republicans blocked the bill with a legislative filibuster and argued that the bill represents a “breathtaking federal infringement” on states’ authority to conduct their own elections without fraud. The bill would also undo some of the states’ attempts to tighten voting laws following the 2020 presidential election.

The setback for Harris is another blow to her role as VP. There have been constant reports in the media of Harris’s handling of the border crisis, the hostile and chaotic work environment she’s created, as well as the fact that even her own staffers are terrified she may succeed President Joe Biden if he dies or steps down before the end of his term. Her office has been plagued by traumatic experiences and poor management.

This just shows that she continues to act as a wildcard to the Republican side of the Senate while teaming with the Democrats. She even met with Texas Democrats recently on key voting issues. Harris wants the unconstitutional takeover of the election process and to undermine the U.S Constitution along the way. Anything that gets Harris closer to the Oval Office.