Civil Rights Attorney Says Critical Race Theory Is Based On Lies


Civil Rights Attorney and former history teacher Leo Terrell recently criticized Critical Race Theory as a racist theory and praised the parents choosing to challenge it. He said this has become a battle of ideology vs education in America’s schools and that CRT is not grounded in any facts.

“I’m a history teacher. I taught history for seven years. I know I taught history correctly. This country was founded on Independence and Liberty, July 4th, 1776. I’m proud of what I taught. No one’s going to tell me what I taught was wrong, and what’s happening, and what we need to do is what we’re doing right now. Families are rising up, they’re challenging this racist theory,” Terrell told Fox News.

He went on to say that the idea that people should be looked at by their skin color is “insulting” to Americans and that these “White liberals on the Democratic side” do not speak for the country. Terrell talked about how families across the country are challenging the school boards and demanding to see the lesson plans in the curriculum. He said people are becoming aware of CRT issues and that it will be a major factor, along with crime, in the 2022 elections. He predicts that the “Democrats are going to lose” and “Nancy Pelosi will be retired.”

Terrell went on to say that the CRT curriculum is an attack on White children and teachers should be met with lawsuits for it. He also aimed criticism at the Biden Administration’s Department of Education, saying that Critical Race Theory is designed to “maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between Whites and nonwhites.” It relegates all White people to the role of oppressors and all Black and nonwhite people to the role of victim.

Critical Race Theory just replaces class struggle with race struggle and makes all of the end goals the same. It uses terms such as “White Privilege” and “Systemic Racism” to divide people even further.

These teachings were originally developed by German Marxists in the 1920s, who later obtained teaching positions at Columbia University in New York City and the University of San Diego. Diversity trainers, teacher unions, and far-left educators also push these Marxist-based teachings.

CRT has been mischaracterized by the media to feed divisive undereducated content to keep people afraid. But there is no point in CRT other than to divide and shame. The manifestation of CRT in schools has turned into a presentation of self-hatred for White liberals and present-day racism projected towards White conservatives.

America is about recognizing hard work and providing equal opportunity. Not telling people they are victims and oppressors.

Terrell also called out the Texas Democratic legislators who used the race card and compared illegally fleeing the state to slavery. He said it was “flat out wrong” and an insult to every single slave who was called property. He said these legislators were elected to vote on the behalf of many others, not fly off to Washington on a private plane and give outlandish statements about slavery.

“To use skin color and ethnicity to embellish the lies and blur the cause they stay they support not only harms the cause but lessens the real impact of the civil rights movement,” Terrell wrote in an op-ed.

Democrats use the race card on the school grounds and in the voting chambers whenever they can. But we all know that the only people dividing the races are the Democrats.