Facebook Fact-Checkers Add Context To Biden Clip That Requires No Context


Facebook fact-checkers recently added a “missing context” button to an Instagram video clip of Joe Biden attending a funeral. They claim that the clip is missing context, even though no description has been added. The fact-checkers even added warning labels to the post on Facebook and Instagram.

Fake News Network is a popular Instagram meme account with over 500,000 followers and posted a clip yesterday with the caption “cornpop at it again.” That was immediately “fact-checked.”

Facebook fact-checkers added another warning label that the same information was checked in another post by fact-checkers. These differences may be minor, but independent fact-checkers have found that the information in this post lacks context and could lead to “misinformation.”

The warning message links take viewers to pages that inform them that Beau Biden was “consoling” Biden, even though the Instagram account does not claim so.

“Fact checking” a Facebook post usually results in its reach being reduced on Facebook. This allows outlets such as USA Today to reduce competition.