White House Trashes Poll Showing Build Back Better Agenda Is Unpopular


Andrew Bates, White House Deputy Press Secretary, recently criticized a poll that showed President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda being massively unpopular among battleground districts across the country. Bates attacked the partisan group that published the poll, claiming it was incapable of accurately sampling respondents.

Bates didn’t mention that his opinion on the poll might be biased or that he was employed by President Biden. He said that Fox Business could conduct a poll about how they are covered better than Reuters or Little Caesars might have a poll about which pizza they think is the best.

The National Republican Congressional Committee published the poll and found that only 39% support Biden’s Build Back Better agenda in battleground districts. Bates’ criticisms of the poll come as Biden visited New Hampshire to promote the “infrastructure bill” signed Monday. Biden suggested that the legislation would not increase inflation, even though it is worth $1.2 billion.

Biden received little applause upon his arrival in New Hampshire. Biden stumbled over a bridge to reach the podium. There were a few claps, but they came in short bursts. He spoke out about his Build Back better agenda and urged the wealthy to pay more. He claimed that workers earning less than $400,000 in the United States will not have to pay one extra penny in federal taxes.

Biden’s claim was falsely confirmed by the RNC War Room, who added that 30% of middle-class families would be paying more.