Even Science Backs Up The Violence Of The Cancel Culture


For months now, publishing agencies have even been pressured by the radical left to ditch a handful of books and contract deals. From Harry Potter author J.K Rowling to psychologist Jordan Peterson, it’s easy to decry cancel culture, but hard to turn back. Because of this, everyone’s free speech has been attacked and book deals are being dropped left and right.

While Dems continue to point the finger at “far-right extremists,” a new American National Election Study poll shows that white liberals are far more likely to support using violence to advance their political agenda than any other demographic in the country. They believe in “justifications” to meeting and pursuing their end goals in politics…not surprising.

The survey asked 8,290 participants before the 2020 presidential election “How much do you feel it is justified for people to use violence to pursue their political goals in this country?” The answers ranged from “not at all,” “a little,” “a moderate amount,” “a lot,” and “a great deal.”

The survey was tweeted by Peterson in order to show how violent liberal groups were getting. From rioting on the streets to criminalizing ‘offensive speech,’ Dems continue to reinforce whatever narrative justifies their end goals.

Actor Matthew McConaughey sat down with Peterson last month to discuss cancel culture, noting that the focus must shift away from dismissing people simply because they are flawed or made a mistake. He, along with Peterson, have come under fire for asking people to find a political middle ground rather than antagonizing others with different political views.

“In the name of rehabilitation, we have to have a world in which we’re able to grow and evolve if that’s what we’re trying to do. I’m not for repeat offenders or tyrants but if someone screws up and sincerely wants retribution, I think it’s fair to give it to those people,” McConaughey said.

McConaughey said a lot of people on the ‘illiberal left’ end up condescending, patronizing, antagonizing, and acting in arrogance towards the other 50%.

Peterson first erupted on the cancel culture scene in 2016 after he released a three-part Youtube video series “Professor Against Political Correctness,” which criticized the government’s actions for adding gender identity and expression to Canada’s grounds of discrimination. He said gender pronouns have been turned into “cultural Marxism” and “radical left political” machinations. Critics lashed out and called Peterson the “living symbol of hate speech and transphobia and white supremacy.”

Publishers have continued to normalize “canceling” people with unpopular opinions and let the fear of the radical left dictate which books are pulled and which are published. They’ve even noted that no one affiliated with former President Donald Trump’s administration should get a book contract.

The violence is there and Peterson sees it. It’s dangerous and growing.