Biden’s Primetime Address Was More Pointless Than Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial


President Joe Biden used his first primetime address to take credit for former President Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed,’ avoid talking about the crisis of illegal immigrants flooding on the border, and tell Americans that they “might” be able to celebrate in large groups of people by the Fourth of July. Almost as if this were some “grand reveal about freedom” that we should be thanking our federal government for.

President Biden made the announcement that every American would be eligible for the vaccine by May 1, but prided himself in taking credit for the rollout process, despite being in office for only 2 months. He also criticized how the Trump administration handled the coronavirus pandemic, accusing the former president of meeting the virus with “silence” and “unchecked denials,” instead of wearing a mask and “listening to the science.” But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just a few days after China reported coronavirus to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Trump Administration began repeatedly reaching out to the Chinese government to help respond to the pandemic. Chinese government officials refused to allow U.S and international scientists into the country, despite people getting sick with the virus for weeks. This happened all before China even installed a quarantine on the city of Wuhan.

President Biden noted that wearing a mask is the “easiest thing” to do to save lives, pointing to the recent decisions by Republican-led states to strip coronavirus restrictions and lift mask mandates. “If we do our part… by July 4, there’s a good chance you, your families, and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day… Small groups will be able to get together,” he noted.

President Biden also threatened to reinstate COVID-19 lockdowns if “conditions change” but said they will try to do “right” to see if the Fourth of July plans pan out. The comment received heavy criticism from all sorts of media figures and politicians. “The President said if you take that shot and listen to Dr. Fauci it is possible that you might be able to gather in small groups for the Fourth of July. Who are you talking to?” Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked.

LevinTV host Mark Levin also lashed out at President Biden for acting like he ‘killed’ the virus alone and taking credit for the world of former president Trump and his administration. He called the speech one of the “most disgusting, propagandistic” speeches that a politician has given, noting that even White House Jen Psaki can’t tell reporters exactly what they’ve done or who’s done it. He called the Democrat Party a “disaster” and noted how quickly people are moving out of left-leaning states.

“On Dec. 23, when only Pfizer and Moderna had received emergency authorizations, the Trump administration went in and they ordered another 200 million vaccinations. Where do you think these vaccines are coming from? You think they’re coming from Joe Biden in the basement?” Mark Levin said.

As always, President Biden had nothing of value or content to add to the ongoing struggles of millions of Americans out of work, the crisis on the border, and getting kids back to school full-time. But, why should we expect a liberal to say anything of value anyway?