Dems Have Moved On From ‘Stealing Elections’ To ‘Stealing House Seats’


Democrats have been trying to steal elections and pack the courts for quite some time now. In recent events, House Democrats have been attempting to steal a seat from Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, a woman who won Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District seat by just six votes out of more than 394,000 cast against democratic candidate Rita Hart.

Hart, however, has insinuated that 22 ballots were wrongfully discarded and claimed to have a nine-vote victory if that appears to be the case. Her team decided to skip the election appeal process through Iowa’s courts and, instead, elect a U.S House of Representatives panel to oversee the recount and decide on the outcome.

This has made several politicians wonder why she decided to skip Iowa’s recount process, but others note that it steals a House seat by moving the case to a Democratic-controlled House.

Miller-Meeks was ahead by 282 votes on Nov. 3 but shrank to a lead of just 47 votes when absentee ballots started to arrive. This would count for a recall in all 24 counties, a process that all board members mutually agreed on.

The Scott County’s recount board also rejected a request by Miller-Meeks to recount absentee ballots after a 131-vote discrepancy and shrunk to just six votes when it was certified by the state’s Board of Canvass.

Miller-Meeks told media platforms that her opponent is violating Iowa law and disenfranchising votes due to an outcome she didn’t want. She declared that states should rule their elections, not those who hold seats in Congress. It is an unlawful process that goes against all voters and election rules.

“She said that in a video. She said she skipped over the Iowa courts and had to go to the House Committee on Administration to get the results we need, not the results of the voters, not the results of the election law in Iowa, but to have Congress decide who gets to represent Iowa’s 2nd congressional district,” Miller-Meeks said.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also told Fox News host Sean Hannity that Hart has decided to skip the recount process in her own state and steal the seat from a Dem-controlled House, which has a five-seat majority over Republicans at the moment.

House Republicans have looked to dismiss Hart’s case while the committee voted to table a motion to dismiss the claims. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters that the committee is just “following the rule” in reviews of an election and suggested the seat could ultimately force refusing to acknowledge an election recount for former President Donald Trump during the 2020 presidential election, yet have challenged the election of Congresswoman Miller-Meeks.

“Congresswoman Miller-Meeks not only won on Election Day, she is the duly elected congresswoman. She also won the recount. She is certified; she is serving,” McCarthy said.

Interesting how Pelosi thinks it’s “the House” who decides the seat. If that’s the case, I’m surprised she hasn’t thrown all of the Republican House Members out and filled a house of radical left-wingers already. But Nancy Pelosi can’t accept the state’s results if she doesn’t like the answer. That’s the liberal double standard.