Black Lives Matter Promises Riots, Fire, And Bloodshed In New York


BLM co-founder Hank Newsome has promised New York City more violence, fire, and bloodshed if Eric Adams, the Mayor-elect, restores any old law enforcement policies. Newsome stated that if they think they’re returning to old ways of policing, then they’re going back to the streets again. He also said that there would be riots and fire as well as bloodshed.

Newsome claims he did not threaten anyone. He said that he was just stating that people will react to oppression. They were responsible for tackling violent crime in New York, especially the exploding gun crime.

The BLM Rioters have openly and blatantly threatened to inflict more violence on the city, especially towards innocent civilians from Black neighborhoods.

New Yorkers continue to vote for failure. Voting results are what you get, so they vote for homelessness, poverty, and mass shootings. While Eric Adams is a Democrat, e wants to bring New York back to its glory days. New York was one the most secure big cities in America when it was under GOP Rudy Giuliani.

BLM protests continue to devastate cities and threaten bloodshed if they don’t get their way. New Yorkers are voting differently, and with good reason.