Crowd Shouts Four More Years At DeSantis Presser


Members of the Florida Governor’s press conference recently shouted “Four More Years!” as a Ron DeSantis presser ended. This press conference came as the governor is up for reelection in the year’s midterm elections.

DeSantis praised Florida’s achievements, including the record-breaking number of domestic visitors visiting the Sunshine State in 2021. He said that Florida saw approximately 120 million people “escape Fauciville to come free to Florida.” The governor also announced $11 million to rural communities across North Florida via the rural infrastructure fund.

DeSantis talked about Florida’s efforts to solve the problems faced over the past year by Biden’s presidency, including inflation. He said that this was a “predicable consequence of printing so many dollars.” He said that the supply chain crisis was partly caused by “arbitrary, harmful” coronavirus restrictions. This has prompted Florida to increase what can be brought into Florida ports. It has increased 10 to 15% in recent months.

DeSantis left the stage as the crowd yelled, “Four more Years!”

DeSantis is up for reelection in this year’s election, but it is not clear which Democrat he will face during the general election. Survey after survey shows that the Republican governor easily defeated both potential Democrat challengers, Rep. Charlie Crist and Nikki Fried.