How The Media Sold Justin Trudeau


After police brutally beating peaceful protestors in Ottawa, Canada’s far-left Prime minister Justin Trudeau is under intense media scrutiny

Trudeau, before he used violence against protesters of the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy to suspend civil rights in Canada under the Emergencies Act, was a media darling who enjoyed years of media attention over his “dreamy,” supposedly “smoking hot,” “Disney princely” looks.

E News called Trudeau a Smoking-Hot Syrupy Fox in 2015 and laughed at the idea of him as the prime minister shortly before his Liberal Party won that year’s election.

Ryan Gosling is back in town and he’s smart, sometimes shirtless, and driving the world wild. Sophie Gregoire, Trudeau’s beautiful wife, is this morning’s “luckiest lady in the world” award. You heard it right. The hunk, who is the oldest son of former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau, has been spoken for. But don’t lose heart. The Internet is full of photos that show him in sexless, so you can still dream about him.

Politico published a 2016 piece entitled “Justin fever strikes Washington” in which he claimed that Washington’s trip had left Washingtonians “swooning.”

According to a senior Obama administration official, “Seriously, his looks, heart and mind are dreamy.” He also added that he is “my new political crush.” TMZ claimed that Trudeau was a “great butt” in 2017 and suggested that he did a lot squats regularly.

Marie Claire also shared a video montage titled “Precious Justin Trudeau Moments”, which was allegedly unheard before.

According to polls, Trudeau’s popularity is declining after his handling of Freedom Convoy antimandate demonstrations.

According to the outlet, Trudeau insists that his government use Emergencies Act “despite the fact that police removed Freedom Convoy protesters from Ottawa and that no active Freedom Convoy demonstrations are currently taking place.”