Biden Making It Exceptionally Easy To Register New Republican Voters


Scott Presler, an America First grassroots activist who has dedicated his energy to registering voters across the country, said to Breitbart News, that President Biden makes it “exceptionally simple to register new Republican voters,” as “every aspect our lives are affected” by Joe Biden’s reckless and feckless agenda.

When Presler was asked about voter registration during the Biden presidency, he replied “It’s been surprising easy.”

He said, “I hate saying it because it’s not my happy with inflation or with the crisis at the frontier or the war in Ukraine. Russia,” but Joe Biden makes it extraordinarily easy to register Republican voters.”

Presler said, “And I mean, look: We’re right now at CPAC Orlando, Florida in a state where for the first-time in history, there are more Republicans than Democrats.”

Officials made the announcement in November that Florida Republicans had reached this milestone. Breitbart News reported the news at the time.

According to the Florida Division of Elections data, Republicans had a roughly 4,000 vote lead over Democrats as of October 31 — 5,118,357 to 5114,039, according to Ziegler. This victory was largely due to the fact that Democrats are “helping” the Republican Party by “doubling down” rather than re-strategizing how they approach hot button issues.

Presler said, “And to give context, it was 2012 that Democrats had half a Million more Democrats registered than Republicans.”

He continued, explaining the main issues America First conservatives should prioritize as they move forward.

What are the most pressing issues in this country? Number one – Election integrity is essential for free, fair and safe elections. Number 2. Number two. We want medical freedom so that we, and not the state or government, can decide how our lives are run. Number three is parental choice in education. [number 4] Securing the border. And last but not least, an Internet bill. These are the issues I would like to see an America First Congress in the House and Senate on Day Number One of the House or Senate in 2023. He added that they should also pass the legislation.