Scandal-Plagued Human Rights Campaign Rejects Disney Donation Over Florida Bill Barring Sexuality Instruction For Kids


Human Rights Campaign, a scandal-plagued activist group, has “no thanks” to Disney’s offer for a donation in regard to Florida’s new education law. Leftist critics have falsely described it as the “don’t say gay” bill.

After being subject to a coordinated attack from left-wing activists for not speaking up enough to dissuade them of Florida’s new law in Florida, Disney offered to donate money to the Human Rights Campaign. On Wednesday, HRC stated that it would not accept the donation made by Disney CEO Bob Chapek at Wednesday’s shareholder meeting.

Chapek stated that Disney didn’t want to be involved in protests against the bill, which prohibits schools from exposing Pre-k through third-grade students to radical sexual education. Chapek said that Disney had been opposed to the bill “from the beginning” but had chosen “behind-the-scenes” to help Florida legislators to repeal it.

However, Chapek’s claims aside, Ron DeSantis, Florida’s Republican Governor, stated that he never heard from Disney about the bill. It was Wednesday morning, before Disney’s shareholder meeting.

DeSantis stated that Disney is a family-friendly business that provides wholesome entertainment for children in his statement. Parents in Florida who take their children to Disney with their families also support parental rights for education. They don’t want their young children to be exposed to inappropriate content on sex or gender theory at school.

This is the timeline of Disney’s response to the Florida bill. It’s why activists launched an astroturf social-media campaign to attack Disney for not being interested in defeating the bill before it reached the Sunshine State legislature. The social media attack seems to have prompted Disney to try to donate to the Human Rights Campaign.

The far-left group rejected Disney’s offer of a big dollar.

HRC rejected the donation and stated that they don’t want to donate money. They would rather Disney work to “ensure that dangerous proposals such as Florida’s Don’t Say Gay or Trans bill don’t become harmful laws, and, if they do, work to remove them from the books.”

HRC continued to criticize Disney for being late to the party in opposing the Florida education bill. HRC said that Disney’s initial silence was unacceptable and that it should have made the donation sooner. HRC stated that this should not be the end of Disney’s advocacy efforts.

Joni Madison, Interim President, Human Rights Campaign, wrote:

The Human Rights Campaign won’t accept any money from Disney until they make good on their public promise and work with LGBTQ+ advocates. This will ensure that dangerous proposals like Florida’s Don’t Say Gay or Trans bill don’t become dangerous laws and, if they do, work to remove them from the books. The fight for LGBTQ+ rights has had and continues to be a significant part of the business community, including the victory in North Carolina over House Bill 2. Today’s action is a step forward, even though Disney chose to remain silent in the face of political attacks on LGBTQ+ families in Florida. This was a regrettable decision. It was only the first step.

HRC urges Disney and all employers to continue fighting for their employees. Many of these bravely spoke out to tell their CEO that their silence was unacceptable. We also work with state and local LGBTQ+ groups in order to make sure these harmful anti-equality proposals, which harm LGBTQ+ children and families, are not allowed to take place in Florida. Every student has the right to be seen and deserves an education that prepares him or her for success, regardless of their race. This should not be the end of Disney’s advocacy.

Disney has yet to respond to HRC’s rejection.