Jen Psaki Misleads About Florida Bill Protecting K-3 Kids From Instruction On Sexuality, Gender


Florida’s legislature passed hateful legislation that targets vulnerable students from LGBTI+ backgrounds. VERDICT: FALSE. This bill protects children in kindergarten through third grade from sexually explicit instruction.

Breitbart News fact-checked last month the Biden administration’s misleading claim Florida legislators were considering “Don’t Say Gay” bills that, according to the White House, “are designed to attack LGBTQI+ children.”

[T]he legislation that is stirring up so much controversy among Democrats and journalists doesn’t mention “gay”, or any particular sexuality.

The relevant section of the bill says: “A school district must not encourage classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in primary grades or in a way that isn’t age-appropriate, developmentalally appropriate, or for students.”

A question was raised about the definition of “primary grades levels.” An amendment has since clarified the issue. It now defines the relevant age as kindergarten through third grade. The bill now states: “Classroom instruction by school personnel and third parties on gender identity or sexual orientation may not be given in kindergarten through grade 3, or in a manner that’s not appropriate or developmental for students, in accordance to state standards.”

The bill does not mention “attack[ing] LGBTQI+ children” nor does it say anything that is hateful about any sexual orientation. Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, repeated this false claim.

The White House and Psaki have not produced any evidence to show that there are “LGBTQI+” students among kindergarteners and first- through third-grade pupils who are protected under the Florida legislation.