Alabama Lawmakers Reject Psaki Threats Over Trans Conversion Therapy For Minors Ban


Thursday’s White House press conference saw Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, threaten Alabama legislators who voted against a bill that would prohibit transgender conversion therapy for minors younger than 19.

Alabama legislators passed the Vulnerable Children Compassion and Protection Bill (SB184), by a vote of 66 to 28.

Friday’s bill was signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey (R – AL)

Psaki, however, declared that Alabama legislators had been “noticed” by the Department of Justice and Department of Health and Human Services before signing the Governor’s document.

She also promised that President Joe Biden would hold them responsible.

In statements to Breitbart news, Psaki received responses from two of the legislators who led the way in this and other legislation to protect children.

Alabama State Rep. Wes Allen (R), who is running for the open Alabama Secretary of State position this election cycle, rejected Psaki’s comments.

Allen released a statement saying that he received calls about Jen Psaki’s criticism of his passage of the Vulnerable Child Protection Act yesterday in the Alabama legislature. “First and foremost, Psaki was not elected to my district. Second, I couldn’t care less about what Psaki or the Biden Administration think of me.”

Alabama’s Legislature also passed legislation requiring public school students to use the bathroom designated for their gender on their birth certificates. Alabama State Senator Shay Shelnutt (R), added an amendment to the bill that mirrors Florida’s Parental rights in Education law.

Alabama State Rep. Scott Stadthagen, (R), was the House sponsor of the bill. He also rejected the White House rhetoric and advised the Biden administration “to stay in their lane.”

Breitbart News was told by Stadthagen that the Tenth Amendment clearly defines the role of federal government over state government. “The federal government does not have a constitutionally defined role in this matter. The Biden administration should keep their track and correct the mess they caused at our border, rather than focusing on the legitimately passed laws in Alabama.”