With Joy Reid’s Most Recent Performance, It’s No Surprise Why MSNBC Hit Record Lows


MSNBC’s Joy Reid digs a deeper grave in her “journalism” career every day. Over the last few months, she’s made outrageous claims that people on the right would trade tax cuts to openly say the ’N’ word and claims that the GOP’s immigration policy is a fear that “more brown people will come” to the country. The only person on national television making absurdly racist slurs seems to be her. It’s a mystery as to how the cancel culture hasn’t come after her show “TheReidOut” yet or how she hasn’t been removed from her television role entirely, but that’s MSNBC for you. Now that former President Trump is out of office, there’s not much for Reid and fellow hosts to talk about.

MSNBC recently plummeted in statistics between March 15-19, in which they got their lowest-rated primetime performance in reaching the demographics of adults aged 25-54. This is the lowest they’ve been rated amongst viewers since the week of Dec. 28, 2020. The show lost 61% of viewers compared to the week of Feb. 8, when MSNBC stats were soaring with coverage over former President Trump’s second impeachment trial.

Three other segments of MSNBC also plummeted in views. “The Rachel Maddow Show,” “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell, and “All In with Chris Hayes,” also had their lowest-rated weeks since late 2019. Chuck Todd’s “MTP Daily” hit a historical low, with views dropped in his performance since the week of April 11, 2016. While Fox News averaged at 2.3 million primetime viewers between March 15-21, MSNBC struggled for 997,000.

One of the contributing factors in settling for such low numbers was one of Reid’s most recent performances. She dismissed claims of any ‘crisis” at the border and questioned whether or not Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is pushing back against his Latino identity by making a bigger deal of things. Despite Homeland Security agents seeing record numbers of illegal immigrants pouring into the country and thousands of children being locked up in migrant facilities while the press is denied access inside, Reid would rather incite another pointless race war against Republicans.

“Yes, migration at the southern border is a genuine political challenge, an ongoing one that spans several previous administrations. But is it a crisis as Republicans so desperately want the media to portray it as?” She asked.

Is this lady living under a rock? The situation at the border is growing into a major crisis for the Biden Administration, with a record number of 15,000 unaccompanied children in U.S custody. Homeland security officials have even noted that the numbers are expected to skyrocket over the next few months with the surge of incoming illegal immigrants, which are numbers higher than Border Patrol Agents have seen in 30 years.

Reid suggested that children were just a “prop for fear-mongering” in Republicans and that they are doing the typical “old brown scare.” She asked MSNBC guest Victoria DeFrancesco about one Republican in particular, Ted Cruz, of Cuban heritage. Soto responded by saying that Cruz clearly never “embraced” his Hispanic identity and that he has pushed back against his Latino identity by framing his dad’s immigration to the United States and that “he came here fighting communism.” Reid also notes that Cruz has always wanted to “separate himself from his immigrant experience.”

Joy Reid, and the rest of MSNBC, continue to humiliate their news platform by showing their true colors and who they really are – which is a bunch of liberal racists.