Why Day One Would Be A Disaster


It has been an interesting time seeing the former vice president work hard to unite the “modern” Democratic Party with its radical proposals. Biden has already received praise from Bernie Sanders who just reiterated this week that he thinks Biden has a chance to be the “most progressive President since FDR.”

A recent New York Times piece imagines Biden’s first day in office and we gotta say…it’s alarming. David Brooks, the author of the article, predicted a soothing quiet end to the “divisive hate” hurled on the powerless Americans this year. Mind you, the radical left has created a war within their political policies the last few months, you either join them or you’re racist, but looking more into the article itself raises some red flags on whether or not Biden would actually do these things. 

“Day 1 of the Biden administration is going to be very busy!” Biden’s campaign site reads. What is he planning? Well, we’ve been teased over the last year on the proposals the organization has run, but what’s missing from his plan is that not a single part of it helps the American working class. You know, the people he’s counting on to help him win.

First, Biden has claimed on day one as President, he would rejoin the WHO and restore leadership on the world stage. He announced this on Twitter shortly after President Trump withdrew the United States from the World Health Organization for corrupt subservience to China’s communist dictator and its systemic failings of preparation and planning for COVID-19. 

The second promise Biden has made was to redo the Paris Climate Accord, a landmark agreement that strengthens the global response to the threat of climate change. This is something he has talked about for quite sometime now, as well as making immediate progress on this climate agenda. This is where the messy part comes in.

Biden plans to re-institute the ANWR Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an energy exploration long sought by Alaska. He will then ban all new oil and gas leasing on public lands and waters. This will hit every American worker and company in an industry already hit hard by the coronavirus depression.

He has then pledged to end the Muslim ban, referring to the administration’s extra scrutiny on immigration from countries with high rates of anti-Western terrorism or run by anti-American dictators. This pledge will then begin legalizing illegal immigrants to the United States, which is estimated at about 11 million people, plus their children. “Number one, on day one, I’m sending, no matter what the state of this is, to the United States Congress a bill to provide for a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people, number one, in the United States,” Biden told MSNBC.

Stacking one radical agenda on top of another, Biden was a centrist voice in a Democratic Party, but shifting further left more and more each day. The American working-class voters need to ask Biden how secure their jobs are and why they should vote for him at all. Oh right, they shouldn’t vote for him at all though. If elected, they would regret their vote for Biden on day one of his presidency when the middle class starts suffocating under numerous demands while mainstream liberals continue whispering proposals in his ear. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.