Why CNN Suddenly Loves China


The coronavirus has been a clarifying moment, bringing out both the inner tyrant and exposure of media platforms. There has been a call for subservience in all situations, even when it doesn’t make any sense. 

If the U.S wanted to go full-on Communist tomorrow, the mainstream media would be there holding your hand. Helping lock people up in their homes while telling them their grandma’s will die if they don’t comply. Care for individual rights in the world of the journalism industry has gone out the window. Only the free press is what matters, since they keep operating as they wish. 

Recently, CNN published an article praising China’s communist government. It’s not an editorial piece either. It was categorized as a “hard news” piece. Shocker. 

CNN spoke of China’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as a crisis that has been “benefited” by a strong government. With centralized planning and exposing the limitations of private industry, “they could respond quickly.” We’re still talking about the communist government right, CNN?

China’s branding has struggled since the hit of the virus. In the CNN article and according to Pew Research, Americans’ opinion of China is at its lowest point in 15 years and 62% of those surveyed said that they viewed China’s power and influence as a “major threat.” China has coped with the ensuing pandemic far better than many other countries because they had a longer warning time and a greater chance to prepare. BUT, the Beijing model is not looking bad for “some.” ….What is this “some” CNN is talking about? Well, the Left media. No one else. They are the only ones who would want a strong, centralized government to take whatever shape they want. As long as they have their freedom of press, the rest can burn to the ground. 

Those thinking that China is dealing with the virus better are also taking false data from the communists at face value. There are several pieces of evidence confirming that CNN keeps pushing that narrative. Mostly because they want a counter to attack President Trump. If Barack Obama were still President, they’d be bashing China relentlessly. But because it is President Trump, they now love brutal tyrants and their oppressive regimes. 

The article, of course, goes on to bash Trump for not cuddling up with the World Health Organization and continue to cite China’s global outreach with Iran and Serbia. China’s diplomacy IS paying off because the Iranians and Serbians love Beijing’s model. They sent defective medical supplies and tests to everyone else. Just because those moves are “international” that does not make them right or just. The CNN article seems to shake that one off and present these moves as a superior political strategy for China. 

For a media platform such as CNN to demand respect and decries criticism, publishing a full-on Chinese propaganda piece doesn’t seem to be anything at all that could’ve past an editor. While the election continues, these Left media platforms are making it more and more clear that all of this is beyond the virus or Trump vs. Biden. It is also about the core ideas and foundation of America itself.