A Testimony To Biden’s Hypocrisy


The Washington, D.C. Police Department has now declared Joe Biden’s sexual assault allegation to be “an inactive case.” The MPD provided no explanation in this change of the criminal complaint file. Strange enough, late April it was considered an “ongoing investigation” and now? Nothing. 

Tara Reade claims Biden assaulted her in 1993 when she was his aid in the Senate office. She filed a personnel complaint against Biden but it was ignored. The supervisors eventually told her to “find a new job.”

Her accusations were reported in late March when she came forward to two separate left-leaning outlets, saying that Biden put his hands under her clothes. She filed the criminal complaint with the D.C police on April 9, knowing that the statute of limitations had run. 

Kristen Metzger, of MPD public affairs, told Fox News it was an ongoing investigation. On April 29, Brianna Jordon, MPD Spokeswoman, told the outlet, “This is an inactive case and there are no additional details to provide.” 

In reaction to this news, Tara Reade spoke out to Fox news. “I’ve made a police report for safety reasons only. I am outside the criminal statute of limitation. However, by making that police report, it allows a mechanism for me to safely plan and work with a victim advocate. I am willing to cooperate with any law enforcement if there is any inquiry or investigation in the future.”

Biden’s campaign denied the allegations against the candidate though he did not personally comment against the accusation. Despite Tara Reade’s numerous television interviews, not one reporter has asked Biden about Reade’s claims. Activists and women’s rights advocates have urged Mr. Biden to address these allegations and his lack of response is angering people by the second. 

These conversations aren’t easy, nor are the politics behind the, but the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee needs to say something. Left-wing women behind the #MeToo movement is even praising Biden and saying that “the weight of our expectations matches the magnitude of the office he seeks.” That just sounds like utter hypocrisy to continue to support him. Where is the angry media mob that hated Kavanaugh so much?

This letter issued to Biden to make a statement himself was pushed in April, which is Sexual Awareness Month, along with urging him to acknowledge the importance of survivors and systematic change. 

Nearly two weeks later after the letter and still nothing. The Biden campaign has said so little publicly on women being heard or the allegations not being true. Biden advisers have even circulated talking points around urging supporters to deny the incident ever occurred. Imagine telling that to a Christina Blasey Ford fan. Funny how the Left is so quick to contradict themselves and everything they believe in when the reality doesn’t suit one of their party’s followers.

Now the Left activists have found themselves in a tense standoff with a candidate they want to support but who has made so little attempt to show leadership on an issue that “so deeply resonates” with the party’s base. “It’s difficult for survivors to see a woman who has more corroborating sources than most survivors have in similar situations is being tossed aside and actively being weaponized by cynical political actors,” said Shaunna Thomas, a founder of a women’s rights advocacy group.

“The fact that they are not addressing my allegations head-on and dealing with the corroborating evidence is simply a testimony to the hypocrisy.” Tara Reade’s said on Biden’s campaign silence. When will Sleepy Joe wake up?