Who’s Laughing Now?


Brian Stelter, CNN host, recently blamed “right-wing media” for spreading claims that Biden and his team didn’t want to debate President Trump this upcoming election season. That’s pretty far from the truth. Let’s be honest here…we want Biden to debate with President Trump this September to show America how mentally incapable of a candidate he really is. 

Democratic strategists have been warning Biden against debating President Trump though. While keeping the presumptive Democratic nominee out of the spotlight while the coronavirus panic has played out in the media has been successful for his campaign team. They have allowed the media to focus entirely on Trump, rather than the former vice president’s gaffes and bizarre behavior. 

The New York Times even published an essay arguing for debates to be scrapped altogether. Perfect timing. Of course this political piece was driven with one motive only: To save Biden from debating the President. Why? We all know he’d get ripped to shreds, especially since he can’t even follow the words on a teleprompter without getting side-tracked.

The opinion piece argued that debates never made sense for testing a presidential leadership. They said the serious parts of a presidency is intelligence, thoughtfulness, knowledge, empathy, and likability. Thoughtfulness and empathy, huh. Are we sure these aren’t the qualifications for a Boy’s Scout leader? Also, knowledge shouldn’t really be on the list when their presidential candidate doesn’t even know what state he’s in half the time. 

Trying to hide that one of the candidates is senile won’t work. As predicted, Biden cannot debate Trump and will just get covered from his media pals in articles like this. Biden rambles incoherently, brags about passing a cognitive test, and randomly asks questions about badgers. Any appearance he does is just good for the Republicans and the Dems know this. 

Fox News radio host Guy Benson characterized the sentiment against Biden debating Trump as a “media tempest” on Twitter. “This ‘Biden shouldn’t debate’ boomlet is just a media tempest, right? Right,” he tweeted. 

Benson claimed the right media was not responsible for pushing the Biden-debate story and it had always been an idea floated by left-leaning outlets. Benson also tweeted a handful of articles by liberal news platforms such as The New York Times, CNN, and Newsweek, of stories urging against the presidential debate this fall. 

Stelter then responded to Benson by ignoring the facts that he just blamed the “right-wing media” for something the left created and went on to suggest that it’s a waste of time to “yak” on about what leftie columnists are suggesting.  Talk about wishy-washy.

There’s a reason for the sudden flurry of pieces on the subject and it is not right-wing driven. If you do some actual research and dig deeper than whatever CNN claims, you’ll see that the surface level of these ideas always point to the left.