Experimenting With Something Too Important


Despite the constant nagging from the left that Republicans are making absurd claims about how mail-in voting creates fraud, the claims made have been most certainly substantiated with some recent receipts.

Take New York for example. Their June 23rd primaries had massive problems with mail-in ballots, including thousands that were either missing postmarks or that were postmarked after the primary. A Manhattan judge then ruled that some of the previously rejected ballots must now be counted. They ordered New York’s board of elections to immediately begin counting many ballots that came in without postmarks and use them as votes. Sketchy, much?

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats wanted a National Election via USPS. Anything that could be miscounted, full of errors, and whatever it takes to win. Especially since the media will always cover for them. The fact that the board will go to the extent of counting unmarked mail as legitimate votes is beyond me. This is why the Democrats need to be stopped in their fraudulent voting plans this election season. It’s pretty clear what they plan to do here. 

Former President Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer even weighed in and used the NYC example to make a point that mail-in voting is ripe for fraud. He said that states really shouldn’t be dipping their toes into mail-in ballot systems so close to an election, especially when agencies are so unprepared and understaffed. 

“In-person primary elections took place yesterday in KS and MI. In person can be done safely & successfully. Historically, ballots are rejected 3 times as often in the mail compared to in-person. If mail voting surges and states aren’t ready, it will lead to bitter acrimony in Nov,” Fleischer tweeted. 

He went on to explain how these types of voting systems can take years for some states to do right. Rushing to get it done is fraught with risk, especially if an election is close and ballot harvesting is allowed. The states are overwhelming an unprepared system right before the presidential election, so why isn’t the media covering this mess? Right, they want this happening.

Even Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume agreed with Fleischer. “Thread: Ari is onto something. A presidential election with all the down ballot races that entails is no time for experiments,” he tweeted. 

This is a recipe for disaster, especially being done on a massive scale. It’s one thing if there are a few requested absentee ballots but it’s a whole other thing if ballots are just sent to anyone who is registered. You’ve got the issues of people being dead, moved, incapacitated, or someone else just voting in their place. 

We’ll just have to wait until President Trump is re-elected, then let the Democrats scream about voter disenfranchisement. They’ve got a knack for crying about the problems they created in the first place.