Whitlock Argues How Liberals Try To Control Black Americans


In a recent segment of Fox News “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” sportswriter Jason Whitlock used his time on air to talk about the manipulative language being used by the radical left to get black Americans to “live up to our skin color.” He said this language tries to control black Americans, instead of defining them by their faith in God or their intelligence. 

Whitlock condemned the violence he saw over the weekend in Washington, where reported Antifa and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters converged with those following the “Million MAGA March.” Police arrested at least 20 people for simple assault, assault on a police officer, and firearm violations, among other acts. 

“No one else has to live up to their skin color. They are free to accentuate their intelligence, their faith in God, their commitment to family, their love of freedom. But we, as black people, as defined by the white liberals, in my view, running the mainstream media, running Hollywood, we have to live up to our skin color above all else, and that’s just not much of an attribute, in terms of— it’s a great packaging. I’m very proud of being black. But that’s not my number one attribute,” Whitlock told Carlson.

Whitlock also talked about how problematic it has become to give special attention to the word “black.” The Associated Press is declaring that news organizations should start capitalizing the letter “b” in “black” when referring to black as an adjective in a racial, ethnic, or cultural sense. He argued that his skin color does not define him. He defines himself as a Christian American, intelligent and honest. “Those are the characteristics I want to define me,” Whitlock said. 

The sportswriter talked about emphasizing “black” as a means for control and your defining characteristic by the radical left. 50 Cent was reminded that he was black when talking about supporting President Trump, Biden told black voters “you ain’t black” if you are unsure who to vote for, and the list goes on. 

“We are not even in control of that, so we are actually trying to meet standards defined for us by other people, live up to their standards, and they are defining blackness as a lot of things that just aren’t healthy for us,” Whitlock said.

While liberals are making their biggest problem with the capitalization of a single letter, Republicans are looking at building a country that lets you be defined by whatever you want to be defined by. Democrats want your skin color to define you entirely. Sounds like a pretty racist mentality to me.