Michigan Gov. Whitmer Called For Impeachment Hearings


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Department of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon recently announced tighter COVID-19 restrictions that will be in effect from Wednesday (Nov. 18) through Dec. 8. 

Since the announcement, people have not been too happy. Several legislators, including Matt Maddock who represents several cities in western Oakland County, said the Governor crossed the line and are calling for impeachment hearings for Governor Whitmer.

Gov. Whitmer claimed to have the authority to issue a second stay-at-home order in response to the “surging” coronavirus cases. She has warned that the state could see 20,000 more deaths by February without aggressive steps now. We’ve all seen how wildly inaccurate the COVID-19 data has been so far. How can we trust it now?

The major changes include conducting high school and college classes remotely, as well as work being done remotely, unless the job absolutely has to be done in person. She has also announced that she will be closing indoor dining, organized sports, group fitness classes, movie theaters, stadiums, bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, indoor water parks, bingo halls, casinos, and arcades. 

Rep. Maddock posted a list of violations Gov. Whitmer has committed on Facebook, as well as a long history of ignoring court orders, violating Constitutional rights, and completely ignoring due process. This empowers the state House of Representatives to look at impeaching civil officers for correct conduct in office. 

Gov. Whitmer appeared on TV to address those impeachment claims. “Part of the problem throughout this pandemic has been that there’s been so much partisanship around this public health crisis. Unfortunately, while we’ve done a lot of outreach with the Michigan legislature, Republican leaders have shown very little seriousness around this issue,” said Gov. Whitmer. 

Back in October, a court had ruled that Gov. Whitmer’s original COVID-19 executive orders were unconstitutional. She said back then she would continue to use “alternative sources of authority” to push strict restrictions and she’s doing just that. Gov. Whitmer continues to ruin Michigan’s small businesses and the ability to let people take care of their families. Democrats want everyone to stay locked up at home with a government check, instead of providing for their own. 

“Michiganders have been beaten down for too long. Restaurants losing dine-in customers watching their life’s work circle the drains. Thank you to my fellow legislators who are calling for impeachment hearings of Gov. Whitmer,” Rep. Maddock tweeted. 

This is long overdue, but better late than never. Republican Reps are leading on behalf of the people and doing it constitutionally. Get people back to work.