White House Quietly Blamed Kamala Harris Not Her Staff For Disastrous Start


A new book reveals that President Joe Biden’s staff secretly blamed Vice President Kamala Harris, who was responsible for President Obama’s disastrous first year. Privately Kate Bedingfield (White House Communications Director) expressed concern about Harris’ problems.

This report can be found in the book “This Will Not Pass” by Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin of The New York Times.

In private, Bedingfeld acknowledged that Harris had met her high expectations for the role of vice president. Her Senate office was chaotic and her presidential campaign was a failure.

Bedingfeld opposed this report in a statement to Politico’s Playbook. However, she didn’t deny it.

Bedingfield stated that Harris was “a force” within this administration, and noted that no one working on the book called to fact-check the unattributed claim.

Biden also spoke out about his conversation with senior staff when Harris’s negative stories were published. He said to them that he would fire all of them if they were found guilty.

The book says that Harris and Biden are “friendly, but they’re not close”. In search of a better response from America, the vice president continues to mingle with his staff.