Fauci Says We Have A Way To Go In The Coronavirus Pandemic


Anthony Fauci refuses the all-clear on the Chinese coronavirus epidemic, now declaring that “we still have a long way to go” to end it. Fauci, who is the highest-paid federal employee, said he doesn’t plan to retire until the U.S. “is out of the pandemic stage.”

Fauci replied, “I’m not sure George,” when Fauci was asked if the situation is nearing the end of the pandemic phase.

“I want to be sure that we are truly out of this before I seriously consider doing something different. We’re still here. He said that we still have a lot to do, but that there is a way.

He added, “I hope that we remain that way.”

Fauci said that Americans should be ready to “pivot” and “reinstatement some of these restrictions” if necessary. Similar remarks were made over the past week.

Fauci stated that while you can continue to tiptoe toward normality (which is what we are doing), but also be aware of the possibility that you might have to reverse.

In response to Fauci’s latest remarks, Sen. Ted Crux (R.TX) stated “Hell no”.

He said, “Petty tyrants such as Fauci only have one tool: authoritarian restraints.” “Enough is enough.”