What More Do You Want From Us?


Democrats are finally showing their true colors by blocking Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform bill, which contained numerous Democrat provisions. Schumer and Pelosi ordered their team to stop the process cold, without even allowing a debate on the amendments. This comes, of course, after Schumer “demanded” that Republicans must put a bill on the floor by July 4th. They moved from “put a bill on the floor ASAP or you’ll have blood on your hands” to “slow down and abandon this bill, it puts blood on your hands.” Dems, take your pick.

Mitch McConnell, who recognized this cynical ploy, went after the Democrats and lambasted Schumer for the rhetoric from his party proclaiming how urgent of a bill this is. The Dems spent all week preaching to media platforms that the Republicans aren’t doing anything and then turn around and try to stop everything from happening. Sen. Tim Scott put together a bill full of bi-partisan proposals, one of which from Sen. Coons who voted against debating the bill. He voted against one of his very own proposals. A proposal he’s fought to get enacted for five years now. Why? Schumer told him to be a good boy. 

Now, Democrats are demanding the process to be slowed. They want to wait on Pelosi’s house bill and yell at CNN a bit more about how the Republicans never get anything done and that this is a “poor reflection” of Trump’s presidency. We all know Pelosi’s bill will be full of government pet projects and unrelated nonsense anyway. It has a zero chance of getting passed. By comparison, the GOP bill was fairly streamlined, dealing with issues that are actually relevant. It didn’t include any poison bills, exposing the Dems as partisan hacks. Darn. 

This, though, is just another reflection that most left-wing politicians don’t want to get things done. It’s another game so that they can go cry to CNN and MSNBC that the big bad President doesn’t want to get anything done, when really, it’s quite the opposite. They’ll make excuses and write misleading headlines that they know will catch the people’s eye. There was an opportunity of unity to get things done but Schumer and Pelosi just flushed it down the toilet. 

Democrats don’t want a solution, they want partisanship and chaos. Chaos helps to shield the atrocities they are committing. In 3 years, President Trump has signed police reform executive orders, First Step Act prison reforms, has a record funding for HBCUs, and legalized hemp which lowered marijuana arrests. What has Sleepy Joe done? Oh right, he wrote a crime bill that destroyed large parts of Black America.